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Interview tips

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Sometimes just thinking about an interview can send your nerves into overdrive, but don't just push it to the back of your mind until the day before. Be proactive, get organised and take a look at these tips!

The week before

It might sound like a cliché that you've heard before from teachers, lecturers or parents, but if you fail to prepare, then prepare to fail! Give yourself the best chance of success by putting in a bit of work prior to the interview. 

Our articles on Preparing for an interview, Standard interview questions and Competency-based interviews – how to prepare have some useful information and advice.

At the interview

Good body language and manners help to create a good first impression, so don't stroll in while chewing gum or checking your phone! In fact, make sure you've turned your phone off well before you're due to go in for your interview. Also remember to: 

The question and answer part of the interview is where you can really sell yourself and if you've done some prep work you should be armed with some really good examples of your skills, experience and strengths. Here are some useful tips. 

Good luck!

Give it your best shot and hopefully you'll land your dream job. If you do, then our article Preparing for your first day could be helpful. 

If you do find out that you haven't been successful then have a look at our article What if you don't get the job? This provides some help and encouragement to keep you on track.

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