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Finding a Modern Apprenticeship

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You’ve decided you want to look for a Modern Apprenticeship. But, where to start! 

Let us help you kick-start your search.

First things first

In many ways it’s the same as looking for any job. But, it’s worth knowing about some of the specific organisations that help employers to recruit and train Modern Apprentices. They include:

There are lots of different ways to find an apprenticeship. You might need to try several of them to find the right one for you. Here are the main methods.

Word of mouth or personal contacts

Use your personal network of contacts to help you find an apprenticeship. These might include: family, friends, neighbours and work placement providers. Maybe you also have contacts through a part time job, volunteering or your leisure activities.

Make sure your contacts know you’re interested in an apprenticeship, and what type of training you’re interested in. Maybe you could use social media to spread the word.

Job fairs, careers exhibitions and apprenticeship events

Visit careers events, job fairs, recruitment events and industry awareness days. Look out for posters and social media posts advertising these events and make every effort to go along. Get networking; you could make some useful contacts.

Scottish Apprenticeship Week is an annual event organised by Skills Development Scotland (SDS). During the week many colleges, training providers, employers and Jobcentres hold special apprenticeship events. These are an ideal way to get information about apprenticeships. Events will usually be advertised in the press, schools, colleges and libraries.

Contacting your local authority

Local councils in Scotland offer a wide range of apprenticeships and usually recruit through their own websites.

Some local authorities also have special websites advertising local opportunities for young people, for example Edinburgh Council’s Edinburgh Guarantee and Glasgow Council’s Glasgow Guarantee websites.

They also recruit through the local government recruitment portal website Myjobscotland. Look for the search category 'Modern Apprenticeship/Trainee'.

Some may also post apprenticeship vacancies on recruitment websites, such as S1jobs, or use specific apprenticeship opportunities websites.

Apprenticeship opportunity websites

Contacting Sector Skills Councils, trade associations or professional bodies

In many industries Sector Skills Councils (SSCs) and other industry-led organisations play an important role in apprenticeship recruitment and training. Here are just a few examples.

For more information, and a full list of SSCs, visit the Federation for Industry Sector Skills & Standards website.

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